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What We Do
NY Solar Power.Net is a free service that assists with the process of purchasing a solar system for your home or business. Our staff of energy experts  find and evaluate solar contractors and solicit discount pricing for our clients.

How We Find qualified Solar Contractors
Finding a solar company on your own can be difficult. NY Solar Power.Net initiates a formal Request For Information (RFI) with several contractors who serve your area. We identify and evaluate the top solar installation companies in the area. We talk to affiliated non-profits, check sites with databases of solar companies, and meet directly with the solar contractors.

Our RFI to the Solar Companies includes:

  • Summary - One page summary about the solar company’s response.
  • Company Background – A detailed view of the solar company. Its history and makeup, procedures, contractor and bonding details, financial history, employee breakdown, sales and installation volume, employee types (contractor, employee), subcontracting details (if any)
  • Product Information – Details regarding products the solar contractor proposes to provide.  Panels, inverters, mounting equipment, sealant, etc. Spec sheets and product warranties are also requested.
  • Installation – Details regarding companies installation practices on different roof types, guarantees and warranties.
  • Monitoring –  Energy monitoring and contractor's offerings.
  • Financing and Rebates – Information about financing Federal and State programs and partnerships. Define process for filing customer's rebates.
  • Pricing - The solar contractor provides a pricing structure and valid term.  All pricing must be in STC DC watts for an efficient comparison
NOTE TO CONTRACTORS: If you would like to be included in our database of qualified contractors we invite you to submit the information requested so we can  evaluate and recommend your firm;  CLICK HERE   (There is no obligation. Please provide as much information as you are comfortable sharing. The more we know about your company, the more comfortable we are recommending your firm.

Quote Request
  • Upon receipt of your quote request , an email response will be sent to you acknowledging receipt. An agent will either call or email if there are more questions about your electrical usage or property details.
  • Quotations  from authorized installers in your location, will be e-mailed to you in a timely manner. 
Contract and installation Process
  • We will review your contract documents with you and coordinate with the contractor until the installation is completed.
  • Ongoing, your account representative will assist with any issues for the life of the contract.
Our goal is do to help increase solar adoption. We are also committed to do everything we can to end our nation's reliance on fossil fuels.

If you have used a solar contractor for your home or business and were happy with their work please provide us their contact info and any comments by clicking here and  we'll publish it on the site.

Free Electricity from the Sun

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